Dining – high-quality and authentic

Setting culinary trends, tasting and taking part

The name says it all. It’s about pure pleasure, but it is also about the superior quality and culture of food. EsskultPur is an event based on the theme of mindful dining and culinary enjoyment. Visitors learn a great deal about high-quality food and how to prepare it authentically.

From 24 – 26 March 2017 in Bielefeld, visitors were presented with a colourful smorgasbord of many high-profile suppliers in the field of food and beverages. And not only that: thematic booths with literature, kitchen equipment, accessories and much more provided a thorough insight into new culinary trends.

The highlight was top Michelin-starred chef Stefan Marquard – well-known from numerous TV cooking shows. He gave autographs and was willing to take part in inspiring discussions.

WKH Bielefeld drew on its extensive range of skills and experience for this event to professionally design the trade fair. The result was a hit with the public.

Everything was in good hands with us:

– Plan design (CAD)
– Stage and crossbeam construction for lighting and sound
– Complete interior design
– Technical support for assembly and dismantling
– External advertising