Deutsche Bahn AG – Rail trend continues

Record numbers of passengers and improved punctuality

At the mid-year press conference of Deutsche Bahn AG 2014, which was supported by WKH, the rail group was able to present positive figures for revenue and earnings. The trend towards rail continues. In the first half of 2014 the number of passengers using trains rose again. At the same time, Deutsche Bahn was able to report its best punctuality for years.

Progress had also been made with Internet reception in the trains and in digital services for customers. When presenting the half-year accounts for 2014, DB CEO Dr Rüdiger Grube was also able to report good financial results.

From building the stage to the finishing touches

At the event, which was held in Berlin’s Marriott Hotel, WKH was responsible for building the stage and creating the backdrop.

However, as the main centre of activity, the stage also has to work well as part of the whole. Apart from the structure of the stage as such, the overall picture also depends on the proportions of the room, the lighting, the technology and the access points.